Kind Words

Kind words and testimonials about Nicole


Nicole had her work cut out when it came to supporting me with my pregnancy, I suffered many losses and was riddled with anxiety and fear. She always had a way of bringing me back to a calm state by listening to my concerns and answering all my questions with honest up to date information. Nicole was patient and encouraging  If it wasn’t for her support I’m not sure where I would be Nicole is honest, caring, open minded and devoted to her clients. This is something that is hard to find today!



I took my first parenting class with Nicole when my oldest son was only a few months old. I was new to parenting and for the most part, had no idea what I was doing. Nicole was an amazing facilitator; she was warm and welcoming and made everyone feel at ease, despite our unsureness of what to expect of the class. She was unbiased in her opinions and gentle in her suggestions, all the while encouraging positive parenting. She truly wanted us each to see the benefits in how others may parent their own children, and explore other avenues of meeting their needs if our current situation wasn’t working. She helped me to understand the multitudes of “normal” that each child has, and the best ways to cater to each of my children’s needs for everything: communication, love, activity, understanding emotion, etc. The list goes on for what Nicole helped me to bring out in myself as a parent. She is a truly caring person and is incredibly capable!